Jony Ive talks about the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Touch Bar is the main function of MacBook Pro announced by Apple at the conference last week, surprising her world. Now if you were curious to find basic details of the implementation of the new Touch Bar laptop, well Jony Ive has provided ample explanation in a new interview day.

According to Jony Ive, Apple has created a variety of prototypes of laptops that had such an integrated component in it. These prototypes were tested for a long time before a final model to be considered for a possible development in order to launch global markets.

Jony Ive explains that before the election Touch Bar for implementation, Apple has ensured that has fotware the need to support such a position. When all things have “settled” Apple has initiated the process of developing MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and behold, so the product has reached a final on the market in the format in which we know.

The entire interview by Jony Ive you can read this page, and there you will discover more about the most important function of the new laptop.


“As has always been the way, we develop designs as quickly as we possibly can. This is a particularly difficult prototype because it required a fairly mature software environment, and a fairly mature and sophisticated hardware prototype, to really be able to figure out whether these ideas were valuable or not. One of the things that remains quite a big challenge for us is that you have to prototype to a sufficiently sophisticated level to really figure out whether you’re considering the idea, or whether what you’re really doing is evaluating how effective a prototype is.”

October 31, 2016

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Pasties – a color theme for iPhone

Pasties is a new theme color for iPhone and iPod Touch, as it is compatible with iOS nine and giving us the opportunity to enjoy a significant shift interface operating system iDevice sites, the picture below is how can the clear in this regard.

According to developer basis pasties, this change fully icons of native and third operating system, but more than that, make changes and to dock or folders so that we will have an experience slightly different to using terminals after installation .

Theme pasties can be downloaded from the repo of Cydia ZodTTD & Macca.


August 1, 2016

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Fixing the absence of Cydia icon after Pangu 9 jailbreak

The developers from Pangu Team managed to release Pangu 9, a program that creates an untethered jailbreak but because of some incompatibilities issues caused by updating the iOS on iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2 by using the Over the Air method some problems appeared when Pangu 9 jailbreak method was used. A few of these problems were solved by updating the jailbreak and the Cydia, MobileSubstrate and other applications.



A problem that is often found among the users of jailbreak is the fact that the Cydia icon is missing along with other default iOS applications icons, such as the Settings one. If you find yourself having a the same problem, here are two methods that can fix it.

First method:

If your Settings application icon is still available please remove your passcode lock. Now connect your iPhone to your computer and open the iTunes program. Set your iPhone into DFU by holding the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds and releasing the Power button while still holding the Home one until the iTunes program shows you a Recovery Message for your iPhone. If you backed up your iPhone before jailbreaking it please click the Restore button and wait until iTunes restores your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 9. Now you can download the latest Pangu 9 and rerun the jailbreak operation on your iPhone.

Second method:

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Open the Pangu 9 program that you installed on your computer and click the Jailbreak button. When the program asks you to click on the Pangu 9 icon from your iPhone please don’t do it, instead, just unplug your iPhone from your computer. Press and hold the Pangu 9 icon until it starts shaking and delete it by tapping on the “x” from the top left corner of the icon. Reboot your iPhone. Cydia’s icon should appear now. If it does you can now restore your iPhone by using the iTunes program or iCloud. If it doesn’t appear you need to get through this method’s steps again.

The developers from Pangu Team are updating Pangu 9 on a regular basis, so if your problems are not solved by the current update please wait for the next one.

July 24, 2016

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Facebook Pages Manager update has been released

Facebook Pages Manager is the application developed by the company to allow Facebook page administrators to manage their pages directly from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch sites wherever they find them.

During last night the company Facebook updated application Facebook Pages Manager to fix some functionality of the previous version and to improve the overall performance of his creation, all in order to offer the best user experience for owners of iDevice’s.


Facebook Pages Manager is available for free download in the App Store universal format.


July 22, 2016

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How to change the user interface of iPhone applications

We all know that the user interface main applications of the iPhone or iPad has some changes so often and would like a lot of people, and Apple trying to maintain largely the same as the design site is iconic, meaning it is easily recognized by anyone based on a simple visionaries.

Even if Apple maintain this design is extremely important, some people would like, however, to change it, and if the Cupertino comes not help in this regard, then a tweak called MetaMorph allows us to do very quickly this directly of our devices.

According to developers MetaMorph, tweak their site allows us to modify every aspect of your main screen applications, no matter how big or small it may be, and in the list below you can clearly see each amendment separately, range extremely diversified offering the best options for customization.


In the absence of such support offered by Apple, MetaMorph is presently the best option to personalize the interface iPhone or iPad, but that’s only if you jailbreak done for devices your tweak your not being installed in other conditions .

That said, below you can see what he can do MetaMorph and if you are interested in it, you can download from the BigBoss repo of Cydia.


  • Remove Dock (not hide, SpringBoard icons Will fit all screen) ATTENTION! QUIT BEFORE ALL ICONS FROM DOCK respring !!
  • Custom icons in the Dock, 10 icons Max
  • Custom dock icon size
  • Stretch Dock icons
  • Move up and down Dock icons
  • Badges position. Idea by @CydiaGeek
  • Hide page dots
  • Disable gesture scroll pages (Useful if You Want to use more screen for homescreen icons
  • Move up and down page dots
  • Move up and down page dots at top of screen
  • Stretch SpringBoard icons layout on both directions
  • Stretch folder icons layout on both directions
  • Change folders size
  • SpringBoard icon ripple effect on tap, with color Extracted from dominant color icon.
    RippleBoard by @Razzilient
  • Round SpringBoard icons.RippleBoard by @Razzilient
  • Custom icons in folders on both directions
  • Strech Dock background


  • Custom / Hide “Slide to unlock” text and chevron
  • Hide NC and CC grabbers
  • Scale down Statusbar
  • Hide room grabber
  • Allow 20 bulletin lines
  • Show StatusBar clock onLockScreen
  • Autodismiss to homescreen or Passcode screen
  • Show “Slide to unlock” text it immediately
  • Custom time for how long the before the screen turns off while locked
  • Remove background blur
  • Renove background tint
  • Hide Today view
  • Hide Notifications view


  • Hide stupid Notification Center weather text
  • Allow 20 bulletin lines
  • Hide Chevron (CC & NC)
  • Custom chevron color (CC & NC)
  • Hide NC Today “Edit” button
  • Flat chevron
  • Show Grabber on first swipe
  • Hide separator lines
  • Hide background blur
  • Hide Today clock


  • Disable parallax effect
  • Disable Spotlight
  • Hide Dock Background
  • Tint StatusBar Background
  • Custom Date / Clock, Labels and StatusBar text color (Primary and secondary colors)
  • Custom icon labels blur shadow
  • Hide folder background
  • Nested folders (folder in folder)
  • Disable open folder when created
  • UnBold StatusBar clock
  • Enable pinch-to-close
  • Enable  black folder BG
  • Custom Carrier
  • Hide SpringBoard icon badges
  • Change Dock, LS and folder icons and texts BG effect
  • Replace Search page indicator with normal dot
  • Remove Jitter effect (while rearranging icons)
  • Medusa (Rotate all)
  • Hide Dock icon labels – NEW !!!


  • Reduce scroll velocity
  • Disable blur cards
  • Custom BG darkening
  • Custom BG  blur
  • Custom Homescreen blur card
  • Hide icon  and labels and custom labels size
  • BETA – AppSwitcher cards custom size
  • Hide only labels
  • SwipeUP homescreen card to respring of power down  on IOS 7/8 and iOS 9
  • Option to change between iOS 7/8, IOS 9 and Developer styles
  • Custom cards padding
  • Custom scroll center
  • Custom depth padding
  • Custom HS card center (open and active on AppSwitcher app)
  • Change AppSwitcher background effect. Choose Between black, vibrant saturated or background
  • Second way to resize AppSwitcher cards


  • Hide AirPlay
  • Hide Media
  • Hide Setting
  • Hide Quick Launch
  • Hide Brightness
  • Hide Brightness dark background
  • Flat Chevron (CC)
  • Show Grabber on first swipe –


  • Tint recent calls *
  • Tint recents separator

  • Tint recents item selected
  • Hide Favourites tab
  • Hide Voice Mail tab
  • Hide Contacts tab
  • Vibrate When a call is connected **
  • Blue for incoming calls, Green for outgoing calls, Red for missing calls. ( “Libcolorpicker” tweak is Needed for custom color)
  • ColorCodedLogs by @ leftyfl1p
  • CallConnector by Phillip Tennen


  • Disable Voice Control (Even in LockScreen, for safety)
  • Disable Home button double tap gesture. (Really great with Virtual Home)
  • Disable 3D Touch blur BG
  • De-Anime clock icon (to avoid battery and performance lossless)
  • Custom volume HUD time delay
  • Custom screenshot flash  color
  • Hide StatusBar
  • Hide StatusBar clock
  • HomeScreen icons shadow (Shadowboard)
  • Homescreen icons shadow color
  • Homescreen icons shadow size
  • Homescreen icons shadow positions
  • Homescreen icons shadow opacity
  • Homescreen icons shadow radius
  • Homescreen icons shadow rounded corners
  • Invert Apple boot logo (userland)
  • Shadowboard by Phillip Tennen.Enhanced by myself
  • Springboard goes into safe mode with InfinyDock !!!!

July 18, 2016

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MacOS Sierra has a night mode improved

MacOS Sierra has a dark mode natively for some applications available for users worldwide, being in the moment off, but an applications developer managed to activate in order to see how they look interface in this new way to use Mac fixes may.

OS X already had a dark mode integrated for ease of use Macs during the night, but in MacOS Sierra talk about one improved compatibility is extensive, but Apple has avoided talking about it in the WWDC 2016 sessions outfits late developers present in San Francisco.


As you can see in the images below, this new dark mode MacOS Sierra is already highly integrated applications, although Apple has not decided to speak publicly about it, and third party applications will be able to automatically activate in some situations use.

So far nobody knows when Apple will decide to provide further details on this new improved models for MacOS Sierra dark, but you can see that he was very well built and probably expected to offer new benefits to users.

By using native controls, Apple will be able to facilitate the adjustment to a dark mode that can be easily applied by all third-party apps. Apple didn’t list dark mode among the new features on macOS Sierra, so it’s possible it might not be ready in time for the public release of macOS Sierra this fall.

July 12, 2016

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iPhone 7 will have a minimum of 32 GB of storage space!

 7 iPhone with 32 GB minimum storage space will be released in the fall, keeping unchanged the price Apple charged for its new product.

iPhone 7 will finally be the iPhone that will double the storage space standard offered to users worldwide, the new terminal of Apple and will be sold with a minimum of 32 GB of storage for pictures, movies, documents, or any as other applications that users would like to have.iPhone-7-

The change was announced by various rumors emerged so far, but famous publication Wall Street Journal confirmed in confirmed during that night that iPhone 7 comes with 32 GB storage space as standard option, and that without the sale price to rise, as it would be expected many.

In the weeks they’ve talked about prices iPhone 7 and we introduced three models of the new iPhone that come with minimum 32 GB storage space and reach up to 256 GB, the great unknown is now the capacity offered TLS intermediate model, it is rumored be 64 GB or 128 GB.

32 GB and new possibilities.

The difference between the two rumors is high, and if you were to look at existing iPhone 6S, we could draw easily conclude that Apple will offer 128 GB as storage space intermediary for its devices, but will have to wait until the fall to we learn the true plans of the Americans.

“The new iPhones is expected to have more storage for those photos. Instead of 16 GB as a starting point for the entry-level iPhone, the new 32 GB will be starting point, according to a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans. Hallelujah! I’ve said that keeping the long 16GB iPhone for Apple was just a ploy to get people to buy the 64GB model, $ 100 extra for. ”

Switching to iPhone 7 with minimum 32 GB storage space news is very good for everyone, because now they will be solved a good many problems encountered by users that remain often no space in terminals with 16 GB storage space.

For Apple, to provide modules of 32GB storage space in iPhone 7 does not represent a substantial increase in production costs, and anyone would be willing to pay 6-8 euros plus the price of the device to get the 32 GB space storage, which is the actual cost of the component.

You what do you think about this change?

July 7, 2016

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Android users are most shop at smartphone

Android users are seen by many people as being poor, and this mainly because they do not generate much money for dezvotlatorii applications for the Android platform, many are avoiding of launching applications for this operating system even in this reason. Despite the misconceptions many people, a recent survey conducted by those from Criteo reveals that Android smartphone users do more online shopping on their own terminal devices than iPhone users, it is extremely surprising conclusion.

Criteo says that 18% of all online purchases made in Central and Eastern Europe originating on mobile, 57% of which is made from smartphones, remaining on tablets and probably some of your SmartWatch accounts, although these in following devices are far from having advanced functions acquisitions. Moving now to the distribution on mobile platforms, Android represents 75% of all online payments made on smartphones, the remaining 25% being divided between iOS, Windows or Blackberry, the percentages being surprising, given the popularity iDevice sites among those wealthy. More details can be found in the press release below.

“In Central and Eastern Europe are more transactions on smartphones with Android than on iPhones In the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, 18% of all transactions of e-commerce is conducted on mobile devices, a percentage far below the global average of 38% 57% of these mobile transactions are made on smartphones 75% of all transactions made on smartphones in Central and Eastern Europe are completed on devices with Android Bucharest, June 23, 2016 – Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), an international leader in performance marketing, released a quarterly study dedicated to commerce on mobile devices, the study offers a comprehensive analysis of the trends and habits of online shopping in Q1 2016. This report highlights that users have increasingly more and more need for mobility, 38% of all global transactions already carried on using a mobile device. This proportion is forecast to grow in the coming period, given that in countries such as Japan and the UK, over 50% of online transactions are completed already on a mobile device. For the first time, Criteo study contains detailed information about the countries of the region of Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania, providing an overview of one of the e-commerce markets with the fastest growth rate in Europe.“What we see increasingly is that mobile devices are becoming increasingly important when it comes to shopping online, most consumers looking for products and buying into a process that can use multiple devices,” said Alexander Gößwein, Managing Director central Europe, Criteo.

“In Eastern Europe, 18% of all online shopping takes place on mobile devices, and we anticipate a significant growth potential, especially if we look at the situation at the international level, where almost four out of ten e-commerce transactions have now place on mobile devices. Moreover, the growing importance of mobile devices in e-commerce is evident by the fact that now the value of a shopping cart on a mobile device represents 85% of the value of a shopping cart on your desktop.

“Mobile users in Europe central and Eastern Europe use predominantly terminals with Android and prefer to shop from your smartphone increasingly often, smartphones become your favorite mobile devices when it comes to shopping online, most transactions global mobile finalized on a smartphone . Especially in Central and Eastern Europe, 57% of all electronic transactions are made on mobile smartphones and only 43% of tablets. Regionally, Android devices are more popular than iOS terminals – 75% of all mobile transactions in Central and Eastern Europe are completed on devices with Android.

In this context, it becomes clear that an iPhone app will not be enough to reach many potential customers, Criteo believes that local markets will have to switch to Android applications and solutions. Mobile applications generate more sales globally, while the number of users who use more mobile devices to complete a transaction grows study Criteo shows that, globally, the applications are more effective than mobile browsers to encourage online shopping, with conversion rates by up to 20% better, even compared to desktops. Moreover, the habit of shopping on multiple devices – laptops, tablets or smartphones – has become very popular.

Even so, about 46% of the devices mentioned transactions are made on all smartphones, this confirms once again the importance of mobile devices. “

June 23, 2016

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Blue iPhone 7 instead of Space Gray

iPhone Blue 7 will be launched this year by Apple, the Cupertino preparing a new color that will bring a major change in the product line sold worldwide, the color space gray, gray space, will disappear completely from its offer in the autumn. We are talking about the iPhone 7 blue high intensity, meaning a dark blue, not an open one, as happens in the case of iPod Touch sites sold at the moment by Apple, the change is one that a lot of people sees with good eyes. Every year Apple played with color space gray used in its terminals iPhone, and since 2016 will launch an iPhone Blue 7 to produce a shock in public offering of products and certainly a lot of people will be amazed by this change.

In the picture below you can see what it looks like an iPhone 7 blue color signing a certain extent with some skeletons or belts sold by Apple, it will be the second time that Apple will use such an unusual color in terminals his iPhone. According to reliable information from the Chinese supplier, the LCD glass surface of the iPhone released by Apple in July to be the next model I Will Be The Same as That of the current model. However, the Deep Blue Color Will BE probably added this time. As of Deep Blue Will Be added to the current Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, it is highly Likely That Will Be Discontinued the Space Gray, says the Informed source. The only iPhone that Apple has offered colored casings is the iPhone 5C, and that model has had moderate success against the iPhone 5S, which was released at the same time, so if an iPhone Blue 7 talking probably about a much different situation. Blue 7 iPhone will be sold along with other golden, pink gold and silver, joining color is quite unusual for a smartphone of Cupertino, but of course that this was supposed to happen at some point. Separately the details of launching an iPhone Blue 7, the source of information today says the iPhone 7 will have the same screen as the iPhone 6S, so we will not see a change in terms of technology for this component of the Apple product. To be completely honest with you, an iPhone Blue 7 would be extremely attractive to a lot of people, myself included, and the main reason is the desire to have something new in terms of iPhone, something that is different from what Apple has released all these years. Certainly not a big fan of this dark blue, but I think the new iPhone Blue 7 will have a little shade different and will be much more pleasant and I would be interested in buying such a model because I would really feel I have something new compared to the iPhone 6S hand. You what do you think about this iPhone Blue 7 and how willing would you be to purchase it?

June 11, 2016

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Cydia and how to jailbreak your Apple device

Apple really likes to have control over their devices, locking them so that you can only use them as they want you to, and although that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you enjoy customizing and having control on your device you might want to consider jailbreaking it and installing Cydia. What is Cydia, you ask? It’s basically a 3rd party App Store, a place where you can download applications that wouldn’t have passed Apple’s strict policies and allows you to customize your device as you please.

To have access to all these wonderful things Cydia has to offer you need to have your device jailbroken. Doing this is basically a walk in the park as there are numerous ways to do so. There are paid services and of course free ones, as we are used to. is one of the free ones. Evasi0n gives us a very in-depth guide on how to jailbreak your device and it can be easy to understand even if you aren’t very tech-savvy. You’ll be up and running in no time, downloading Cydia apps, because at the end of the jailbreak process Cydia will begin to install with no worries or headaches.

Depending on how you wish to use your jailbroken device, at the end of the installation Cydia will ask if you are a Hacker, Developer or User. If you’re not very experienced with any of the other two, we sincerely recommend selecting User as to not be allowed to do any major damage to your device. After all this is complete you will still be able to use the device as a normal Apple product but with the addition of being able to download Cydia Apps, and believe us, there are some pretty great ones out there.

The things you can do after installing Cydia are simply phenomenal. Either you want to develop, hack or simply customize your iDevice be free to do so in any ways you please after jailbreaking and installing Cydia. We’ve created this site with the purpose of helping you jailbreak and install Cydia on your Apple device.  Feel free to visit us regularly and find out which are the hottest Cydia apps and stay in touch with Cydia related news.

January 25, 2016

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